The question is why not, I can guarantee you it will be the best investment you will make…….  

Whether you are in the midst of a crisis, experiencing indefinable feelings of dissatisfaction or seeking to focus on a specific issue. I can provide a safe and confidential setting in which your thoughts, feelings and behaviours can be explored. By creating a space for you to voice your difficulties, be heard and get a new perspective.  
If you often feel that you are stuck on a treadmill and life can be pressured and stressful then you’re not alone. Working through painful events can help us understand why we may feel stuck or unfulfilled at times.

Deciding to work with a psychotherapist provides you with a unique opportunity to discover insights and understanding that you may not be able to gain from others around you. This may be because they might be too closely involved or have their own fixed opinions as to what you should or shouldn’t do. As a trained therapist my job is to help you make sense of the issues you’re facing and explore ways in which to move forward.  

I believe talking therapy offers a useful opportunity to press the pause button and review our current and past life experiences. However, It can be hard to understand how simply talking can be useful if you’ve never experienced counselling or psychotherapy before. But talking to someone who’s trained to respond in a certain way can be a profoundly enriching to your health and wellbeing.        

Therapy can’t erase a difficult past but it can equip you to move on more easily, it can increase your resilience and enable you to make positive and lasting changes going forward.